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12-Hi AGC Cold Rolling Mill


The 12-Hi AGC cold rolling mill, one of metal coil cold rolling mill, is made from good quality raw material. At the same time, we are upgrading with the latest technological equipments when producing this cold rolling mill. Due to different numbers of rollers, the metal coil cold rolling mill is divided into2 Hi, 4 Hi, 6 Hi, and12 Hi AGC.


1. The 12-Hi AGC cold rolling mill is a kind of portable type.
2. One stand and two frames are made from fabricated steel plates.
3. The number 2 Rolls on this equipment are made of chilled material.
4. It is equipped with heavy duty reduction gear.
5. The screw down system is manual.
6. We adopt one number C.I. casting flywheels.

Technical Parameters:

For thin or very thin coil rolling
Stale rolling, high precision
Usually, from input 1.5mm to output 0.1mm thickness.
Thickness tolerance: generally ≤0.01mm
Max. 600mm width
Shanghai Ivy Import & Export Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of 12-Hi AGC cold rolling mill in China. Apart from metal coil cold rolling mill including 2 Hi cold rolling mill, 4 Hi cold rolling mill, 12 Hi AGC cold rolling mill and 6 Hi cold rolling mill, we still have other products: metal cut to length line, including thin coil cut to length line, middle thick coil cut to length line and thick coil leveling cut to length line; roll forming machine like C, Z, U, L purlin forming machine, guardrail, deck, keel forming machine etc; welded pipe making machine like Φ25 high frequency welded pipe production line, HG32 HF welded pipe making machine etc. With good quality and affordable price, our products has been exported to many countries, such as Germany, Holland, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Kuwait, South Africa, and Bangladesh.