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Thick Sheet Cut to Length Line


Thick plate cut-to-length line can meet customer's request of max line speed 20m/min by uncoiling and leveling a coil strip, and then shearing the leveled flat strip to certain length of sheets.
The cut-to-length line (plate CTL Machine) has one pre-leveling machine and one fine leveling machine driven by DC or AC motors, and the length-fixing is by encoder, shearing style is stop-shear.
The thick plate cut-to-length line is composed of: coil loading car, Double-mandrel decoiler, Portal-style coil-head guide, press & shoveling equipment, pinch-feeding & pre-leveling, transmit table,(side guide, edge trimmer, edge scrap winder, transmit table), side guide, Main Leveling machine, Final sheet sending out equipment, length-fixing encoder, Hydraulic shearing machine, delivery roll table & plates-sending-out equipment, pneumatically piling-up table, hydraulic system, electric control system, etc.
The thick plate cut-to-length line (plate CTL machine) fit steel coils with thickness: (3~12mm, 4~16mm, 5-20mm) and changeable width, and length of finished sheets depend on customer's practical need.

Advantages & Characteristics of Plate CTL Machine

1. Plate CTL Machine with High precision
Line speed can be up to 20m/min, 4-5pcs/min 2000mm Length sheets in average.
Leveling precision: ±1.5mm/㎡
Sheet length precision: ±0.5mm/m
Sheet diagonal length precision: ±1mm/m
2. Weight of thick plate coils is heavy up to 30T, 35T or 40T, double-cone decoiler is proper.
3. Strong portal-style coil-head opener including coil-head guide, press and shoveler can make sure decoiling smoothly going on.
4. To make flat steel sheets, the diameter of leveling rollers should be scientifically proper, we confirm diameter of leveling rollers by actual experiences and engineering calculation when processing the plate cut-to-length line.
5. The backup rollers installed in backup bracket can tightly back leveling rollers up to make sure no deformation of leveling rollers while leveling.
6. Twice leveling is arranged in the thick plate cut-to-length line, to ensure good leveling effect.
Customer can choose to include edge trimmer, to trim off the useless edges.
7. Final-sheet sending-out equipment sends finished sheets onto pneumatic packing table.
8. We adopt good quality parts for the plate CTL machine supplied by famous brand company, e.g. Mitsubishi PLC control, Yuken/Fuxin hydraulic parts, HRB/ZWZ/SKF bearings,etc

Input material: CR, HR carbon steel coils, GI, PPGI steel plates.

1. YJ-(3~12)


1600mm/2000mm/2500mm Thick Plate Cut to Length Line

Plate CTL Machine Strip thickness: 3~12mm
Strip width: 600~1600mm, 800-2000mm, 1100-2500mm
Leveling roller: Φ180, 13pcs
Material of leveling roller: 40Cr, HRC55-56
Power for leveling: 132KW DC motor + Eurothem 590 DC speed control
Plate CTL Machine Cutting speed: (0~20) m/min, adjustable

2.YJ- (4-16)



/2000mm/2500mm Thick Plate Cut to Length Line

Plate CTL Machine Strip thickness: 4~16mm
Strip width: 500~1500mm/800-2000mm/1100-2500mm
Leveling roller: Φ220mm, 11pcs
Material of leveling roller: 40Cr, HRC54-55
Plate CTL Machine Power for leveling: 160KW DC motor + Eurotherm 590 DC speed control.
Cutting speed: (0~20) m/min, adjustable




/2000mm/2500mm Thick Plate Cut to Length Line

Strip thickness: 5~20mm
Plate CTL Machine Strip width: 800~1800mm, 1000-2000mm, 1100-2500mm
Leveling roller: Φ230, 9pcs
Material of leveling roller: 40Cr, HRC54-55
Power for leveling: 110KW+160KW DC motor + Eurothem 590 DC speed control.
Plate CTL Machine Cutting speed: (0~20) m/min, adjustable
Detail specification: Model thickness width Length Leveling speed
JY-12 x 1600 3.-12mm 600-1600mm adjustable Max 20m/min
JY-16 x 1800 4-16mm 1000-1800mm adjustable Max 20m/min
JY-20 X 2000 5-20mm 1000-2000mm adjustable Max 20m/min
Note: The data in the form just as reference according to general ranges, we always design and make each thick plate cut-to-length line,plate CTL machine according to each customer's specific requirements, so each customer can buy his own well-content line from us.