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6-Hi Cold Rolling Mill


Due to different numbers of rollers, the metal coil cold rolling mill is divided into 2 Hi, 4 Hi, 6 Hi, and 12 Hi AGC.
The six-high cold rolling mill is more suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel and special steel coil rolling; even the steel with large width and small finished thickness is available too.


1. The good flatness of steel strip is controlled by hydraulic roller bending device and middle roller transfer device control.
2. Due to the smaller flat work rollers, the roller material can be saved, so that the roller consumption can be also reduced.
3. The thickness can be reduced by each pass.

Work flow:

Decoiler with coil loading car → Coil end straightener → Left recoiler with coil discharging car → Work platform before rolling mill → 6-hi cold rolling mill → Work platform after rolling mill → Right recoiler with coil discharging car
Because of the different input thickness, input width and finished thickness, six-high cold rolling mill can be divided into 2 kinds.

The detail specification as follows:

1. Φ120/Φ250/Φ580

×850 Six-roller Reversible Cold Rolling Mill

Rolling conditions
Material: Stainless steel 201, 304, 430
Input thickness: 2.5mm
Input width: 750mm
Finished thickness: min. 0.1mm
Finished width: 750mm
Rolling speed: V≤100m/min
Rolling pressure: P≤6000KN
Coil weight: max. 8T Coil ID and max OD: Φ500/ Φ1600mm
Coiling strength: T≤120KN
Main parameters
Electric motor press-down: YZ model, 15KW×2
Two stands: section size of each column 340×400mm, Material ZG35
Work rollers: work roller diameter × working surface width Φ120X850mm, Material 9Cr2Mo, with roller bending device.
Middle rollers: Φ250X850mm, material 9Cr2Mo.
Support rollers: diameter × working surface width Φ580X850mm, with FC rolling bearing.
Main motor: DC 550KW
Recoiling motor: 225KW
Electric control
Eurotherm 590 speed adjusting with PLC

2. Φ385



×1350mm 6-Hi Stainless Steel Coil Reversible Cold Rolling Mill

This rolling mill is 6-hi rolling mill. Drive middle roller, hydraulic AGC press-down.
Input material:
Material: Q235 steel strip
Thickness: 3mm
Width: 1250mm (MAX)
Coil ID: 508mm
Coil OD: 1900mm (MAX)
Coil weight: 25T (MAX)
Output product:
Thickness: 0.5mm-0.6mm
Width: 1250mm (MAX)
Thickness tolerance: ±0.02mm
Running speed: 4m/s
Total installation power: about 2200KW
Occupation: about 15mX60m


1. This kind of cold rolling mill is controlled by PLC.
2. It has HIM touch screen on main control console which is equipped with malfunction alarm setting.
3. This equipment adopts all digital DC power.
4. The work rollers have the plus-minus roller-bending control.
5. These middle rollers, middle rollers and backup rollers change fast.
6. The reversible rolling on this cold rolling mill has the feature of high precison.


Type Φ150/Φ175/Φ460×450 Φ150/Φ175/Φ500×500 Φ165/Φ200/Φ630×650 Φ165/Φ250/Φ680×800
Input thickness(mm) 1.0-2.5 1.0-2.5 1.0-3.5 1.0-3.5
Finished thickness(mm) 0.15-1.2 0.15-1.5 0.18-2.0 0.2-2.0
Coil width(mm) 250-350 300-400 400-500 550-700
Drive style Work roller Work roller Work roller Work roller
Rolling force(KN) 2800 3500 5000 5500
Press-down style motor hydraulic motor hydraulic motor hydraulic motor hydraulic
Rolling speed(m/s) 3.5 4-6.5 3.5 4-8 3.5 4-5 3.5 4-5
Rolling material Normal carbon steel Normal carbon steel Stainless steel or carbon steel Stainless steel
Φ170/Φ300/Φ800×900 Φ300/Φ370/Φ950×1050 Φ330/Φ370/Φ1050×1250 Φ400/Φ450/Φ1250×1450
Input thickness(mm) 2.0-4.0 2.0-4.0 2.0-4.0 2.0-4.0
Finished thickness(mm) 0.2-2.0 0.2-2.0 0.2-2.0 0.2-2.0
Coil width(mm) 700-900 650-950 700-1100 900-1250
Drive style Work roller Work roller Work roller Work roller
Rolling force(KN) 6500 10000 12000 15000
Press-down style motor hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic
Rolling speed(m/s) 3.5 4-5 10 8-12 8-16
Rolling material carbon steel or stainless steel Normal carbon steel Normal carbon steel Normal carbon steel
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