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Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line


Material: Plain carbon steel, Low alloy steel
Steel grade: 08AL, SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, Q195, Q235, Q345
Galvanized layer thickness (double sides): 50—300 g/m2 according to standard GI: GB/T2518-88
State of galvanized layer: normal spangles, tiny spangles, or skin pass spangles.
The way of galvanizing process: American-steel union, or Sendzimir.
Galvanized layer control way: by air knife
Treatment after galvanizing: skin pass, tensioning, anti-fingerprint coating/chromate coating, passivating, and grease painting.
Continuous annealing furnace: horizontal hot-dip galvanizing line/vertical also
Furnace fuel: electricity, natural gas, coal gas, etc.
Zinc pot for the hot-dip galvanizing line: main frequency induction heating ceramic zinc pot
Skin pass: four-rollers, bottom backup roller are driven by AC frequency motor.
Tension leveler of hot-dip galvanizing line: twice bending and single stretching /twice bending and twice stretching/ triple bending & twice stretching, elongation within 0.5~2.0%
Driving control: adopt SIEMENS AC vector frequency-conversing control system, or Eurotherm 590 DC speed control.
Material Thickness Width Line speed Plating Weight
Plain carbon steel, Low alloy steel 0.18~2.0 mm 300~1250 mm 50~180 m/min 80~300 g/m2(Double)

HDG work flow:

Coil loading → Decoiler→ pinch roller →shear→ pinch roller→ welder→ tension roller→ entry horizontal accumulator → tension roller → annealing restoration → hot-dip galvanizing → cooling →water cooling→ tension roller→ tension leveler→ tension roller→ passivation→ drying→ exit vertical accumulator → check desk → tension roller→ pinch roller → cutter → EPC → Recoiler

Characteristics of the HDG line:

1. Complete functions to meet different kinds of product requirements.
2. Adopt non-oxidization heating (NOF), Radiant tube heating, with fast and efficient heating for our hot-dip galvanizing line.
3. Steel strip cleaning depends on customer's option.
4. By protective-gas-injecting in circulation cooler, controlled by frequency converter, to fastly and evenly cool heated strip down to exact certain temperature for going into zinc pot.
5. Skin pass mill of the hot-dip galvanizing line can improve surface quality, property of coating and cooling.
6. Tensioning mill can improve steel strip quality by twice-bending and once stretching or twice-bending and twice stretching.
7. By recycling the leftover heat of waste gas, improve the utilization of heat and reduce cost.
8. Jet-flow style induction ceramic zinc pot can be fast and evenly heated with advantages as long lifespan and little residues.
9. Galvanizing thickness of the gauge can monitor and feedback the weight of zinc layer in real-time, then direct air knife to adjust at once or realize closed-loop control.
10. Electrostatic oiler for the hot-dip galvanizing line can polish a thin layer of oil on steel strip.
11. Good CPC (center position control) and EPC (edge position control) to ensure stable production.